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All of South Tyrol is a true hiking paradise – and that’s no different in the west of the country, at Reschen Pass. Blooming alpine meadows, wild mountain streams, gentle forest paths, ice glaciers, rustic lodges – yes, all of this you will also find here around our hiking hotel in the Vinschgau.

Alpine air and panorama

The options for hiking are truly enticing, and resistance is futile. Don’t believe it? Then start off with a leisurely hike along the high-altitude panoramic hiking trail from Schöneben to Haideralm. Then we recommend you try a hike from lodge to lodge to Reschner, Brugger or Melager lodges.

Mountain tour

If you’re fit enough, a challenging mountain tour beckons, such as up to one of the thirty 3-000-metre peaks in Langtaufers Valley. Do you really want to test your limits? Then there is King Ortler, the highest mountain in the country at 3,905 m. That’s something for true pros with the proper gear and a mountain guide – not for hiking grumps!


The panorama trail from Haider Alm into Schöneben local recreation area with its abundance of flora and fauna and wonderful vistas of the glaciers of the Ötztal Alps is rewarding for both families and nature lovers. From St. Valentin you can also take the gondola lift up to Haider Alm.

  • Start: Schöneben upper terminus
  • Altitude difference: 170 m
  • Finish: Haider Alm upper terminus
  • Duration: 3 hours

Easy mountain tour with unforgettable panoramic views.
From Neudorf in Reschen head for the parking lot at the sports ground, past the source of Adige River and continue on Trail No. 2 to Rossbodenalm (not serviced). From there, follow the steep path 1A up to the highest point. In 15 minutes you’ll be at the “anti-tank barriers”. 
After this short detour, return back to Path 1A and continue at a leisurely pace heading south for Klopairhof farm. Just before the farm you’ll come upon Path 1 along which you can hike back to Reschen.

  • Start: Reschen sportsground
  • Difference in altitude: approx. 500 m
  • Finish: Reschen
  • Duration: approx. 2 h 40 min

From the village edge of Reschen (1,497 m) follow the signs for »Reschner Alm« and marking No. 5 to Fallierteck at first. The trail leads through sloping meadows uphill in just under 30 minutes, until Footway 5 branches off to the right (approx. 1,650 m, signpost), follow this mainly through forested slopes or at the edge of meadows partly in turns up to Reschner Alm (2,020 m; public bar; from Reschen 1:30 hrs.).

  • Start: Reschen

  • Altitude difference: 480 m
  • Duration climb: 1h 
  • Finish: Reschner Alm
  • Length: 6.6 km

Take the car to the terminus of Langtaufers Valley. There you’ll find a large parking lot. From here you can start walking through the beautiful panorama of Langtaufers Valley to get to Melager Alm in around 45 minutes.

  • Start: Terminus Langtaufers
  • Altitude difference: 150 m
  • Finish: Melager Alm
  • Duration: approx. 45 minutes
  • Easy hiking trail, pram-friendly

Piz Lad is the border mountain at Reschen Pass, located on the border between Italy and Switzerland. The hike to Piz Lad is one of the most beautiful and scenic summit tours. 

  • Start: Reschen
  • Altitude difference: 1,280 m
  • Fitness: *****
  • Finish: Piz Lad
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Panorama: ****

A rewarding hike awaits nature lovers on their way to the Green and Black Lake. Generally untouched nature, the Green and Black Lakes feature very special flora and fauna, including the highest located water lilies in the Alps at the Black Lake.

  • Start: Mutzkopf Lift
  • Altitude difference: 938 m
  • Finish: Nauders
  • Duration: approx. 5 hours, easy hiking trail

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