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Biking at Reschen
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Here in Edelweiss Activity Hotel cyclists are welcome guests and we go all out to make them feel refreshed and appreciated. And that’s not by chance. After all, landlord Reini is more than just an avid cyclist himself. Any time the subject of biking comes up – he is in the know and will advise you in all technical aspects of cycling. Because here in our Bike-Hotel at Reschen Pass, cyclists’ hearts are truly offered everything they desire.

  • Guided bike tours of various difficulty levels & technique training* (€20)
  • Private guide on request*
  • GPS-devices to borrow for free with tracks by Garmin
  • Bike-info-corner with maps, tour book & GPS Tracks
  • Bike washing facility with cleaning products by Tunap
  • in-house, lockable bike storage with tools and repair corner
  • NEW! Bikelounge with comfortable beanbags & bar tables – to chill & recall the day’s bike adventures
  • 3 country Summer Card Gold for Bikers*
  • Rental bikes by Bold, BH Bikes & Alutech* (€30–40)
  • E-bikes by BH Bikes*
  • in-house protector rental by ION
  • in-house bike shoe rental by ION
  • in-house helmet rental by Alpina
  • backpacks to borrow for free by Camelbak & Deuter
  • Bike Energy charging cable for e-bike and e-car*

(* Extra charges)

3 country
trail bike trails

58 km, from flowy to technically challenging: The 3 country trail bike trails in the tri-border area of Austria, Switzerland, Italy keep what they promise. Almost all of the 27 trails in total lead across at least one, mostly even two national borders, are perfectly signposted and always varied. With a bike-day-ticket you can take your bike onto one of the four lifts and get up to the starting point of your trail bike tour easily and conveniently. Then there’s nothing in the way of speeding down those trails any more.


Bikelounge with comfortable beanbags & bar tables – to chill & recall the day’s bike adventures

Weekly activity programme

In the Reschen holiday region, guided bike tours are on offer for those who want to get to know the best cycling trails, single tracks and flow trails. Our bike guide Hannes knows the region like the back of his hand and, above all, which are the highlights among the many routes. From June to October our bike hotel at Reschen Pass puts on an exciting bike and tour programme with unforgettable excursions for beginners and pros (on request).


The Haideralm Trail is regarded as the most challenging trail in the region and truly shows what the 3 country dirt bike trails pack... It runs beneath the cable car to the parking lot at Haideralm. With the necessary skills, riding technique and an appetite for a challenge, the Haideralm Trail is a true insider tip!

  • Start: Haider Alm
  • Length: 3,260 m
  • Finish: Lower terminus parking lot
  • Level: S3

A dream come true for all singletrack pilots: the upper section of the Schöneben Trail blends seamlessly into the landscape and packs a real punch in some sections. From the upper terminus of Schöneben gondola lift it runs through sparse forests down to the overpass: the turn-off towards the 3-Country Trail or continuing on the Lower Schöneben Trail.

  • Start: Schöneben upper terminus
  • Length: 1,900 m
  • Finish: Overpass road
  • Level: S2

The character changes only slightly in the lower part. Wonderful cross-runs and views of Lake Reschen far below make Schöneben Trail an unforgettable experience – an experience that can be repeated again and again thanks to the Schöneben gondola lift.

  • Start: Underpass road
  • Length: 1,700 m
  • Finish: Schöneben parking lot
  • Level: S2

On the lower Schöneben Trail at the last crossing of the piste, a trail runs in direction of St. Valentin and Giern. Giern Trail is the link to Lake Reschen and ends at Giernhof farm and restaurant. From there you can continue on the cycle path to St. Valentin.

  • Start: Piste crossing
  • Length: 1,000 m
  • Finish: Giernhof farm and restaurant 
  • Level: S1

The Spin Trail leads bikers through the secluded alpine world at the tri-border area and runs along the slope to the south. Lake Reschen sparkles on your left and through the forests again and again and suddenly you realise: here I’m in the right place! The Upper Spin Trail takes you to Schneider junction. From here either continue back to Schöneben gondola lift or head south to Haideralm Lodge.

  • Start: Hirtenhütte (shepherd’s hut)
  • Length: 1,510 m
  • Finish: Schneider junction
  • Level: S1

The lower section of the Spin Trail resembles the upper section. It forms the link to Grein Trail (in direction of Haideralm) or to Gorf Trail (in direction of Schöneben). But thanks to its breathtaking ambience it’s much more than just a useful link. The Spin Trail ends above the hamlet of Spin.

  • Start: Schneider junction
    Length: 2,000 m

Gorf Trail begins above Spin at the end of Lower Spin Trail and this trail section forms the link down to the lakeshore cycle path. From there you’ll get onto the cycle path heading north to Schöneben gondola lift and to Reschen.

  • Start: Road above Spin
  • Length: 950 m
  • Finish: Gorf
  • Level: S1

Plamort Trail is a true classic. High up it leads across the picturesque Plamort high plateau from which it takes its name and past the famous anti-tank barriers.  The Plamort Trail runs across the border between Austria and Italy and ends at the historic bunker complex.

  • Start: Plamort high plateau
  • Length: 1,210 m
  • Finish: Forest road Bunker complex
  • Level: S1-S2

The starting point for this in parts newly established trail is the historic bunker complex high above Lake Reschen. Those who have some time should not miss out on taking a photo with Lake Reschen in the background. The Bunker Trail is the main link towards the south and brings bikers to the entry point of the Etsch Trail, which continues to Reschen.

  • Start: Forest road Bunker complex
  • Length: 1,210 m
  • Finish: Forest road or Reschen
  • Level: S1-S2

The Etsch Trail can be reached from just above Reschen and got its name from the river in Italy of the same name. It is also the continuation of the Bunker Trail and leads down into Reschen Village and Lake Reschen. It is a very easy and flowy trail making you want more of the same.

  • Start: Forest road above Reschen
  • Length: 997 m
  • Finish: Reschen village
  • Level: S2

In Plattweg Trail an unforgettable singletrack of the 3-country trail bike region lies before you. It carries bikers off into the secluded South Tyrolean alpine world, offering views of Lake Reschen far below and takes you – literally by the way – northwards. At Schneider junction it joins the lower Spin Trail and then you can choose between Grein Trail (back to Haideralm) or Gorf Trail (on to Schöneben).

  • Start: Haider Alm upper terminus
  • Length: 2,300 m
  • Finish: Schneider junction
  • Level: S2

This singletrack also packs a punch. It starts above Spin and makes for an attractive feeder route to St. Valentin and to Haideralm cable car, always accompanying you along the slope continuing south. The entry point is found at the end of lower Spin Trail.

  • Start: Forest road above Reschen
  • Length: 997 m
  • Finish: Reschen village
  • Level: S2

The 3-country trail is the classic among the 3-country dirt bike trails. Starting point of this treat in both scenic and riding terms is Italy. It continues through Austria, past picturesque mountain lakes until you find yourself in Switzerland.

  • Start: Border to Reschner Alm
  • Length: 2,790 m
  • Finish: Schwarzer See (Black Lake)
  • Level: S1-S2

It leads from Riatscherhof on easy trails back to the lower terminus of Mutzkopf cable car.

  • Start: Riatschhof Mountain Inn
  • Length: 1,500 m
  • Finish: Mutzkopf lower terminus
  • Level: S1

It starts at the highest point, leaving no stone unturned along the 1,700 metres route to conjure up a big grin on your face.  To the start it’s a few meters uphill, the Green Trail ultimately joins the lower section of the Eleven Trail.

  • Start: Mutzkopf upper terminus
  • Length: 1,500 m
  • Finish: Mutzkopf lower terminus
  • Level: S2

A wonderful singletrack making the area south of Mutzkopf Mountain accessible and showing it from its best side, while also acting a a feeder route for the Gerry Trail.

  • Start: Mutzkopf upper terminus
  • Length: 1,500 m
  • Finish: Mutzkopf lower terminus
  • Level: S2

Very playfully it winds its way down into the valley, offering many a challenge to those who want to test their riding skills. But: every section can be easily bypassed and the lower part is easier to master.

  • Start: Kreuzlers Lucke
  • Length: 1,200 m
  • Finish: Haus am Sonnenhang
  • Level: S2

With its in parts rather more direct routing, the Eleven Trail is among the longer downhill runs on Mutzkopf and ends at the lower terminus.

  • Start: Mutzkopf upper terminus
  • Length: 1,800 m
  • Finish: Mutzkopf lower terminus
  • Level: S3

Singletrack Level Scale

  • Trail conditions; Solid with good grip
  • Obstacles: none
  • Gradient: mild to moderate up to <40%
  • Turns: wide to tight, but easy to ride
  • Riding technique: no special riding skills to basic riding skills required,
  • Obstacles should not be ridden over.
  • Trail conditions: loose surface possible, small roots and stones 
  • Obstacles: Small obstacles, gullies, erosion damage
  • Gradient:  <40%
  • Riding technique: Basic knowledge of technique training required, obstacles can still be ridden over.
  • Trail conditions: Surface not solid, large roots and stones
  • Obstacles: Flat ledges, steps and stairs
  • Gradient:  <70%
  • Turns: gentle switchbacks
  • Riding technique: Advanced, obstacles can no longer be ridden over but must be negotiated using special riding techniques, e.g. weight shifting
  • Trail conditions: obstructed with blocks, large roots/rocks, slippery surface
  • Obstacles: High ledges
  • Gradient:  <70%
  • Turns: tight switchbacks
  • Riding technique: Very good control of bike required

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