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Yes, it’s true what they say: Reini is not only the chef here in the Edelweiss, but he is also a true gourmand. You’ll quickly give in to the temptations of his cooking skills. But he then does know exactly just how to do it right. The recipe?

Take the best, regional and seasonal products, put them in the hands of a talented gourmand, add a large helping of creativity, mix everything together with a love for cooking and serve it from breakfast in the morning to the 4-course dinner in the evening – and you’ll get to enjoy culinary flights of fancy before you know it, as only Reini and his team can conjure them up. The latter, by the way, also includes Madea, who can be found in the hotel’s kitchen just like her dad. However, she is mainly in charge of desserts there – and sometimes also to make dad Reini get behind the stove to conjure up his creations. Combined with one of the many fine wines from our wine cellar, the gourmet enticement in our restaurant at Lake Reschen is complete. Well, developed an appetite yet?

More than good food!

Chef Reini grew up on a mountain farm. That’s also where his passion for old, traditional recipes comes from. Rediscovering these, improving them and giving them a modern twist is what he aspires to in his restaurant. And that's something you can taste!

Fancy some wine?

You’re in luck! Our own wine cellar harbours the best wines from South Tyrol, Italy and beyond. Reini is a true wine connoisseur and can always recommend you a suitable wine: for dinner or just to enjoy while sitting down together.

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